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San Francisco Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in San Francisco
Top ten things to do with kids in San Francisco
Top Strip Clubs in San Francisco
San Francisco's wild reputation is well founded and the sheer number of adults-only entertainment establishments is just one testimony to that fact. Here is our list of the top strip clubs in the city of San Francisco, be prepared for a sexy night of nude or topless entertainment.
Top 9 Things to Do in Golden Gate Park
Things to do in Golden Gate Park--a roundup of the top 9 attractions in Golden Gate Park
Top 7 Things to do in Chinatown
Things to do in San Francisco's Chinatown
The Best Waterfront Restaurants in San Francisco
A guide to the best waterfront and bayside restaurants in San Francisco. The best restaurants with views of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge and magnificent sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.
Top 10 Things to do in Union Square
Top 10 Things to do in Union Square, San Francisco
Top Ten Things To Do in Fisherman's Wharf
The About.com list of the top attractions and activities at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf including the museums, dining on the bay and where to see live music, magic shows and other street performers.
Union Square Nightlife Guide
The best bars, lounges and dance clubs in San Francisco´s downtown Union Square area. Most are close enough to walk to from the major hotels and shopping centers of Union Square itself.
Top Ten Things to do in the Mission
Top Ten Things to Do in the Mission in San Francisco
Top Lunch Spots in San Francisco
Lunch in San Francisco
The Best Italian Restaurants in San Francisco
San Francisco's Best Italian restaurants including Italian restaurants in North Beach, Italian neighborhood restaurants, family-friendly Italian restaurants and fine-dining restaurants.
Top 10 Attractions in San Francisco
Top ten things to do in San Francisco
San Francisco Two-Day Itinerary
Here's the best way to see San Francisco and many of its treasures in two days.
Locals' Favorite Restaurants A to Z
San Francisco Restaurants A to Z
What to Pack for a Trip to San Francisco
What to wear, what to bring, what to leave at home
Family-Friendly Hotels
Top finds for family-friendly hotels in San Francisco
Best of San Francisco
Best of San Francisco -- Best Places to Stay, Best Places to Eat, Best Attractions, Best Things to See and Do
San Francisco One-Day Itinerary
Only have one day in San Francisco? Here's how to make the most of it.
San Francisco's Best Museums
San Francisco's Best Museums
Top 6 Things to do in Japantown
Things to do in Japantown
San Francisco Fog
San Francisco Fog. San Francisco Travel.
San Francisco Restaurants
Where do San Franciscans grab dinner? The best food in the city may be at these favorite neighborhood restaurants.
The Japanese Tea Gardens
Step into old world Japan and sip high quality green tea overlooking a Koi pond in the crown jewel of Golden Gate Park, the Japanese Tea Gardens.
Locals Guide to San Francisco Nightlife
Use this list of local and insider favorites to plan your night out in San Francisco. From dive bars to plush lounges in historic hotels, strip clubs to Irish pubs my local guide to SF Nightlife has got you covered. Also includes exclusive nightlife guides to the Union Square are and North Beach.
Best Burgers in San Francisco
A roundup of the best burgers in San Francisco-reviews of hamburgers at Burgermeister, Zuni Cafe, Taylor's Refresher, Slow Club, Magnolia Gastropub, Mega Burgers and Beers, Campton Place.
San Francisco's Best Budget Hotels
From charming European-style hotels to boutique lodgings, San Francisco has plenty of places to stay for budget-minded travelers.
Kid-Friendly San Francisco Restaurants
A roundup of the top Family-Friendly restaurants in San Francisco
Renting a Bicycle in San Francisco
Renting a Bicycle and touring the waterfront is one of the most fun and active ways to explore San Francisco. Adventurous visitors can even cross the Golden Gate Bridge and return to the city by ferry from Marin County.
The Cherry Blossom Festival
Japantown's biggest festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival is a 10 day long feast for the senses. Parades, traditional Japanese music and dancing and tons of craft and food booths take over the streets. Its a fun time for visitors of all ages.
The Yerba Buena Gardens Complex
The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, The Zeum Children's Museum, an Imax Theater, Free Summer Concerts, and Ice Skating Rink and more....All in the center of Downtown San Francisco.
Chinatown in San Francisco
Chinatown in San Francisco. San Francisco Travel.
The California Academy of Sciences
Learn about cosmic evolution in the Planetarium, meet the arctic penguins in the Aquarium and experience a simulated earthquake in the California Earthquake Experience.
The Exploratorium
Endless hands-on science exhibits designed to entertain as well as educate young and old alike make the Exploratorium one of San Francisco´s most popular family destinations.
The Hills of San Francisco
San Francisco has at least 43 named hills, but only seven of them are original. Here is an overview:
Best Time of Year to Visit San Francisco
Overview of seasons and best time of year to visit the city.
North Beach at Night!
San Francisco's most charming neighborhood by day is also it's most action-packed at night. From classy lounges to dive bars, cozy cafes to fully nude strip clubs, North Beach is your best bet for a real night out in the city by the bay.
Top 9 Things to do in North Beach
Things to do in San Francisco's North Beach
Inside the Armory: Touring Kink.com
Ready to dive headfirst into San Francisco's largest porn studio? Start with a tour of Kink.com, located inside of a massive historic armory in the hip Mission District.
What to Pack in Spring for San Francisco
What to Pack in Spring for San Francisco
Things to do with Kids in Golden Gate Park
Things to do with Kids in Golden Gate Park
Getting to Know Public Transport
A overview of San Francisco Public Transportation
San Francisco's Best Taquerias
If you want to eat like a local in San Francisco, grab a mouth-filling taco or burrito at one of these favorite vendors. Taquerias are informal, inexpensive places to have a quick bite; most are clustered within the city's Mission district, a lively and predominantly Latin American neighborhood.
The Top Viewpoints in San Francisco
A city of hills and surrounded by natural splendor, San Francisco is bursting with awesome places to catch amazing views. Check out my list of the top viewpoints in the city by the bay.
Twin Peaks: San Francisco's Best View
Panoramic views of San Francisco, the bay and both the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge make Twin Peaks the best spot in San Francisco for those who want a vista to die for.
Free Attractions in San Francisco
Looking for free things to do in San Francisco? From viewing iconic landmarks to cruising the crookedest strett in town, there are plenty free attractions in San Francisco.
Free Things to do in San Francisco
Free things to do in San Francisco
The Cable Car: A San Francisco Icon
Find out how to ride San Francisco's famous cable cars, including their routes, fares and timetables. Also includes information on the Cable Car museum and the history of the Cable Cars themselves.
The Best Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco
Legendary for its Asian eats, San Francisco offers visitors the best Chinese food options this side of the Pacific Ocean. Check out my list of the top bets.
Architectural Landmarks of San Francisco
From Coit Tower to Grace Cathedral, the fanciful Victorians to the starkly futuristic Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco is an architecture buff's dream come true.
Locals' Favorite Restaurants - Inexpensive
Inexpensive Restaurants in San Francisco
Union Square
Things to do in Union Square, San Francisco
Top Five San Francisco Bars
The San Francisco bar scene has something for everyone, from sexy lounges to authentic Scottish pubs. Here are five classics:
Locals' Favorite Restaurants - Moderate
Moderate San Francisco Restaurants
Stowe Lake: The Heart of Golden Gate Park
Slip away from the city completely as you rent a boat and row or pedal your way around swan and duck studded Stowe Lake.
Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island in San Francisco
Romantic Restaurants
Romantic restaurants in San Francisco
100 Things to do in San Francisco
100 Things to do in San Francisco
Crissy Field
Crissy Field in San Francisco San Francisco Travel.
Historic Hotels in San Francisco
Several historic hotels in San Francisco are historic landmarks in and of themselves including the Mark Hopkins, the Fairmont, the Sir Francis Drake, the Huntington Hotel and the Palace Hotel. Staying at them is a romantic and classic way yo enjoy your trip to San Francisco.
Must See Attractions in San Francisco
From Golden Gate Park to Chinatown, these are the must-see attractions in San Francisco that should not be missed by visitors.
Diego Rivera Murals in San Francisco
San Francisco is home to three distinct murals by Mexico's most famous painter, Diego Rivera. Learn where the Rivera murals are and how to visit them.
San Francisco's Best Boutique Hotels
San Francisco's Boutique Hotels - Boutique Hotels in San Francisco
Zuni Cafe
Zuni Cafe-- a review of Cafe Zuni
The San Francisco Zoo
Have Lunch with the Lemurs, Tour the African Savanna, Discover the Insect Zoo and spot Stephen Colbert Jr. at Eagle Island.
San Francisco's Best Cafes
The Best Cafes in San Francisco
The San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers
The oldest existing plant conservatory in the Western hemisphere, San Francisco's conservatory of flowers is both an architectural and a natural delight. Immerse yourself in a Victorian era garden of blooming exotic flowers, including a collection from the tropical rainforests of the world.
Golden Gate Bridge
Even veteran San Franciscans are wowed by the site of the Golden Gate Bridge and the majestic scenery around it.
Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill
Visitors guide to Coit Tower, the iconic landmark that towers over the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Also includes info on the garden lined Filbert Steps and the artwork inside the tower.
San Francisco Walking Tours
Walking tours of San Francisco
San Francisco Churches
Nowhere is San Francisco's stunning architecture more apperant than in its churches, which grace nearly every neighborhood of the city. But San Francisco's churches are more than just pretty buildings; from soul shaking gospel choirs to Papally decreed holy sites, San Francisco's churhes are living houses of the spiritual life of the city.
Spring in San Francisco
Spring is San Francisco is delightful time of year to visit. Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms are blooming, festivals are rocking the neighborhoods and the summertime tourist hordes have yet to decend.
Restaurants in Union Square
Restaurants in Union Square, San Francisco
Best Places to Stay in San Francisco
How to find the right hotel for your next trip to San Francisco
How to Save Money in San Francisco
Check out these money-saving tips for visiting San Francisco.
San Francisco's Best Hotels
Budget hotels in San Francisco, family-friendly hotels in San Francisco, Boutique Hotels in San Francisco, Top Hotels in San Francisco, Hotels near Moscone Convention Center
San Francisco's Best Bargain Bites
Bargain Bites in San Francisco - San Francisco's Best Bargain bites
Top 10 Things to Do Near Moscone
Top 10 Things to Do Near Moscone
The San Francisco Botanical Garden
From an Andean cloud forest to a towering grove of redwoods, the Asian moon viewing garden to the South African flower garden, San Francisco's botanical gardens hold more biodiversity than most continents.
The Best Irish Bars in San Francisco.
The Best Irish Bars in San Francisco, including where to hear live Irish and Celtic music, Irish bars in Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, North Beach, the Mission and the Richmond and Sunset districts.
San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf
Guide to San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. What to do, where to eat, where to shop, activities for kids, how to get there, when to go and more.
Major Attractions in San Francisco
Things to do in San Francisco
Chez Maman
A review of Chez Maman restaurant
The Marina District
San Francisco´s chic waterfront nieghborhood is not only home to major landmarks like the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field but offers visitors a good selection of shopping, dining and nightlife options as well.
The de Young Museum
One of Golden Gate Park's main attractions, the de Young Museum is a space-age architectural masterpiece that houses American fine art as well as craftwork from around the world. From it's tower, Golden Gate Park and the city of San Francisco are spread out before you.
The Best Vietnamese Restaurants in San Francisco
Clean, healthy and delicious, Vietnamese food is a San Francisco specialty that is also one of your best budget meal bets in the entire city. From pho noodle soups to fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese cuisine has a flavor packed style that will have you coming back for more.
Major Attractions
Major attractions and things to do in San Francisco
The Hippies of San Francisco
The Hippie movement emmerged out of San Francisco in the 1960s and took the nation by storm. Young and old dropped out of mainstream society and joined this moevement that emphasized music, love and freedom as well as a strong dose of ant-war sentiment.
April Events in San Francisco
April Events in San Francisco. San Francisco Travel.
Best Dive Bars in San Francisco
Neighborhood dive bars are to San Francisco are what espresso bars are to Rome, they literally dot every neighborhood. Check out our exclusive list of the top cheap drinking holes in San Francisco and meet the real locals next time you are in town!
The San Francisco Crab Season
Crab season is San Francisco's biggest seafood season and the city's restaurants come alive with Dungeness crab based dishes and specialties. Learn about this famous Dungeness crab, where to get your hands on some fresh specimens and all about the various festivities and special events that surround this iconic San Francisco seafood delicacy.
The Best Candy Stores in San Francisco
The Best Candy Stores in San Francisco-reviews of Miette, The Candy Store, Shaw's, Fiona's Sweet Shoppe, Candy Darling.
Top 5 Guided Tours of San Francisco
Guided tours of San Francisco
Before You Go: A Checklist
What should you do before you book your flight to SF? Here is a handy checklist that includes links to eveything you need to know and do to make sure your trip to San Francisco goes as smoothly as possible.
The Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood
San Francisco's hippie headquarters and bastion of elegant victorian mansions, the Haight-Ashbury is a great place to shop, people watch, do some off-the-beaten path neighborhood exploration and relax in, as it holds several large city parks.
Ferry Building Marketplace
Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco
The Historic Streetcar: Riding the F Market...
Authentic streetcars from all over the world cruise up and down Market Street, San Francisco's main downtown artery. Visitos can use these elegant artifacts from a byegone era to get to Fisherman's Wharf, explore downtown, or take a trip up to the Castro District.
The Best Places for a Picnic in San Francisco
Grab a gourmet lunch to go and enjoy outdoor dining in one of San Francisco's many parks and green spaces.
Top San Francisco Hostels
Check out our exclusive guide to the best hostels in San Francisco including the legendary Green Tortoise, the elegant Adelaide hostel and the HI Hostel right on the bay. Save money and meet new friends by staying in a backpacker hostel in San Francisco.
The Mission
San Francisco's Mission Neighborhood
Annual Events Calendar
A month-by-month guide to annual events in San Francisco
Tartine Bakery
This favorite neighborhood eatery serves rich baked goods emphasizing seasonal local ingredients.
Original Joe's: Classic Italian on the Park
Enjoy old school Italian food on Washington Square Park in the heart of North Beach at this San Francisco culinary institution.
San Francisco in the Summer
Things to do in San Francisco in the Summer
The Best Thai Restaurants in San Francisco
Heavenly noodles and perfectly spiced curries at bargain prices make Thai food one of hte most popular ethnic choices in SF. Check out my full list of the top Thai restaurants in San Francisco.
The Best Food and Drink in San Francisco
Best Food and Drink in San Francisco
The Best Hotels in San Francisco
The best hotels in San Francisco
The Best Ethnic Restaurants in San Francicso
The cosmopolitan nature of San Francisco shines through like a brilliant beam from heaven in its ethnic food scene. From Thai and Indian to Mexican and Italian, San Francisco offers up authentic eats from all over the world within its compact borders.
San Francisco With Kids
Things to do in San Francisco With Kids
Best San Francisco Gift Stores
San Francisco Gift stores
The Palace of Fine Arts
The Palace of Fine Arts is an Ancient Greek Temple located in the middle of modern day San Francisco. It is a frequent site for weddings, picnics and other ourtdoor activities and is also home to the Exploratorium, an interactive science museum that is fun for children of all ages.
San Francisco is for Lovers
From waterfront dining to awe inspiring viewpoints, San Francisco offers couples a chance to slip away from the ordinary and into the romantic world of America's most beautiful city. Here is our list of the top romance inspiring activities and destinations in the city of San Francisco.
Slanted Door
A review of nationally acclaimed Slanted Door Restaurant
Free Tours of San Francisco
San Francisco Tours that are Free
Things not to do in San Francisco
Guide to the taboos, no-nos, bad ideas, full on mistakes, blunders and politically incorrect things NOT to do while in San Francisco.
Visiting Sausalito
The picturesque town of Sausalito lies just across the bay from San Francisco, and is one of the most popular day trips from the city. Take the ferry to Sausalito for lunch, rent a bike and cross the Golden Gate Bridge to get there or simply drive on over.
Best Things to See and do in San Francisco
Best Things to See and do in San Francisco
The Best Restaurants in San Francisco
The best restaurants in San Francisco by category. Best Italian restaurants, best vegetarian restaurants, best waterfront restaurants and more.
San Francisco Hotels near Union Square
From elegant historic palaces to hidden bargain gems, the Union Square area is tightly packed with hotels. Check out my exclusive list of the best of the bunch.
The Best Cafes in San Francisco
Cafes dot every block in San Francisco and most are excellent quality, but true coffee lovers will want to check out our exclusive list of the best cafes in the city for a rundown of the cream of the crop.
Land's End: The Wildest Place in the City
The rugged and wild northwestern corner of San Francisco is where the waves of the mighty Pacific crash up against craggy cliffs. The Land's End Trail runs for miles along the protected and natural coastline, and is a favorite destination for local and visiting nature lovers.
San Francisco on a Budget
Think San Francisco is too expensive to visit? Think again my friend after you have checked out my exclusive guide to doing the city on the bay on the cheap!
The Beat Generation in San Francisco
America's first counter-cultural movement started right here in San Francisco when a group of poets, intellectuals, college drop-outs and all around drifters converged in the city in the 1950s. The beats changed the face of America forever, as the movement lead directly to the hippies and the massive social upheavels of the 1960s and 70s.
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - SFMOMA
This modern marvel of art and architecture is San Francisco's showcase museum. Here is info on visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, including hours of operation, exhibits and exhibitions, entrance information and special events.
Insider's San Francisco
San Francisco insider guide. San Francisco Travel.
The Slow Club
A review of the perennial favorite Slow Club restaurant
Free Museums
Learn which museums are always free and find out about free museum days.
San Francisco Shopping
From big-box stores to funky local fashion and eccentric boutiques, San Francisco offers plenty to bring out the shopoholic in you.
Swanky Cocktail Spots
Cocktail lounges in San Francisco
The Castro District
San Francisco's Castro District is ground zero for the city's gay and lesbian scene. Bars, clubs, fashion shops and spas dot the area and diners will discover some of the Bay Area's best restaurants hidden away here.
North Beach
Spotlight on North Beach in San Francisco
When to Visit San Francisco
Want to know when the best time to visit San Francisco is? Use my handy guide to figure out the idiosyncratic weather, the high and low toursit seasons and when the best festivals take place.
The House of Nanking: Setting the Bar High
Does the famous House of Nanking in San Francisco's Chinatown live up to its worldwide fame? Find out in my exclusive review!
Pizzeria Delfina
A review of Pizzeria Delfina. San Francisco Travel.
San Francisco Neighborhood Guide
San Francisco is a city of neighborhoods, each one with its own flavor, identity and even climate. This article introduces you to North Beach, Union Square, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury, The Castro, Fisherman's Wharf, The Marina District, The Mission, Japantown and the Civic Center.
San Francisco Views
San Francisco Views. San Francisco Travel.
Ghiradelli Square: Where Chocolate flows like...
Get your fill of chocolate and explore one of the waterfront's coolest historic shopping complexes at Ghiradelli Square, located right at the western end of Fisherman's Wharf.
Hotels in Downtown San Francisco
Hotels in Downtown San Francisco
Hotels in San Francisco Near Moscone
Hotels Near Moscone Center
Shopping in Union Square
Shopping in Union Square, San Francisco
Art Museums in San Francisco
From the Museum of Modern Art to the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Asian Art Museum to the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum, San Francisco is an art lovers paradise. Check out our pick of the top art museums in San Francisco.
Grace Cathedral: San Francisco's Notre Dame
A French Gothic Church sitting on the very top of San Francisco's Nob Hill, Grace Cathedral is one of the architectual landmarks of the city. Check out the bronze doors, the Keith Haring AIDS memorial and the walkable labyrinths.
San Francisco Carnaval
Booty shaking samba dancers, loads of Latin America eats and streets packed with dancing onlookers makes San Francisco's annual Carnaval an event not to be missed. Come see what all the fuss is about and you will be back year after year.
The Best Ice Cream Shops in San Francisco
The best ice cream shops in San Francisco
San Francisco Beaches
From nude beaches to family-friendly stretches of Pacific surf, San Francisco and the surrounding area offers multiple option for visitors looking to spend a day on the sand.
The American Conservatory Theater
The largest theater company on the West Coast, the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) puts on a full season of both original works and internationally touring shows. The theater also hosts one of the nation's premier acting schools, which boasts celebrity alumni sich as Denzel Washington and Annete Benning.
Best Bakeries in San Francisco
Best bakeries in San Francisco
The National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi
Built in 1859, this Norman Gothic church is not only a historical landmark but was designated as the National Shrine of San Francisco's namesake, Saint Francisco of Assisi, by the Franciscan Order in 1999. In 2008 a replica of the Porziuncola that Saint Francis himself restored was built adjacent to the church, and has become a site of pilgrimage for Franciscans from all over the county.
City Hall: The Majestic Crown of the City
San Francisco's City Hall is an important architectural landmark, a two block long Beaux Arts monument to the City Beautiful movement and the fifth largest dome in the world. Come explore this awe-inspiring building, which is actually taller than then the nation's capital and every bit as regal.
A Perfect Day in North Beach
Cafes, parks, bookstores, Italian restaurants, strip clubs, historic look outs and more await you in the dynamic neighborhood of North Beach, the closest you can come to being in Europe without hopping across the Atlantic
Top Christmas Activities in San Francisco
Skate on Ice in Union Square, catch the Christmas Carol at ACT, see the Nutcracker at the SF Ballet......

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