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How to Save Money in San Francisco

Check out these money-saving tips for visiting San Francisco


How to Save Money in San Francisco
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Choose a Value Hotel:
More than most cities, San Francisco has a wide range of accommodations. Budget hotels and Bed and Breakfasts abound; and you can easily find a comfortable room for under $100 per night. One trick is to get off the beaten track. If you're willing to stray from downtown to say North Beach or Laurel Village, you have an even better chance of finding a value hotel, parking your car, and experiencing a neighborhood with character. Secondly, many budget and midrange hotels offer kitchenettes, which saves money on dining out.

Eat Like a Local:
Try to avoid eating at hotels and restaurants near Union Square, where restaurants tend to jack up prices. Neighborhood and ethnic restaurants offer the most value-and in my opinion the best dining experience-in San Francisco. In the Mission, you can eat lunch for $4 at one of the neighborhood's many stellar Taquerias. The city is also known for fabulous Dim Sum, the most authentic versions of which are served in the Richmond and the Sunset neighborhoods.San Francisco's Best Cafes and Bargain Eateries offer great value, and when serious hunger strikes, check out the Best Burgers in Town.

Opt for Free Activities:
The majestic ships at Hyde Pier are among the many Free Attractions the city has to offer. During the summer month especially, Free Performances take place throughout San Francisco. You can also take advantage of free museum admission on special days and a variety of gratis city tours.

Take a Pass
If you'll be riding public transportation during your visit, consider buying a MUNI Passport, which offers unlimited rides for one, three, or seven days. For more information check our Guide to Public Transport. If you will be staying in San Francisco for a few days or more, check out the City Pass, which includes a 7-day MUNI pass, a Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruise, and admission to several top museums.
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