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Planning Your Trip

Heading to San Francisco? Find practical information on planning your trip, airport transportation, local weather and customs, and more.

Before You Go: A Checklist
What should you do before you book your flight to SF? Here is a handy checklist that includes links to eveything you need to know and do to make sure your trip to San Francisco goes as smoothly as possible.

Best Time of Year to Visit San Francisco
Overview of seasons and best time of year to visit the city.

What to Pack for a Trip to San Francisco
What to Pack for a Trip to San Francisco

How to Save Money in San Francisco
Check out these money-saving tips while visiting San Francisco.

Local Resources for Travelers
A list of local resources for travelers visiting San Francisco

San Franciso Blogs
Blogs about San Francisco

Weather in San Francisco
Temperature, precipitation, wind: it's all here.

One Stop Shopping for your San Francisco Vacation
Buy tickets, make reservations, find great deals, and more.

Guide to Airport Transportation
How to get to and fro SFO.

SFO Airport Map
Find restaurants, gift shops, entertainment, and your gate using this detailed map.

Fall in San Francisco
San Francisco's glorious fall is the best time of the year in the city by the bay, the days are warm and sunny, the nights are often warm as well and most of the tourists have left meaning there are deals after deals on everything from hotel rooms to bay cruises.

The Beat Generation in San Francisco
America's first counter-cultural movement started right here in San Francisco when a group of poets, intellectuals, college drop-outs and all around drifters converged in the city in the 1950s. The beats changed the face of America forever, as the movement lead directly to the hippies and the massive social upheavels of the 1960s and 70s.

Winter in San Francisco
Mild weather and less crowds awaits those who visit the city by the bay during it's off-peak winter season. Have world class museums like the SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum to yourself, enjoy great hotel deals and immerse yourself in San Francisco's legendary local theater and performing arts scene.

Things not to do in San Francisco
Guide to the taboos, no-nos, bad ideas, full on mistakes, blunders and politically incorrect things NOT to do while in San Francisco.

San Francisco Maps
From walking maps of the city's neighborhoods, to freeway maps of the entire bay area, a map of San Francisco is an essential pre-trip purchase.

Spring in San Francisco
Spring is San Francisco is delightful time of year to visit. Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms are blooming, festivals are rocking the neighborhoods and the summertime tourist hordes have yet to decend.

Travel Guides to San Francisco
Whether its your first time in the city by the bay or you are a ten-year resident, having a guide book to San Francisco is indespensible for those who really want to dig deep into what the city offers. Check out my list of the top travel guides to San Francisco and choose the one that is right for you.

San Francisco Literature
Always a literary town, San Francisco has been the setting for several critically acclaimed works of fiction. Check out my top list and take a trip to San Francisco from the comfort of your own imagination.

Top San Francisco Movies
A creative city with a stunning backdrop, San Francisco has always been a favorite location for filmakers to both work and live. Take a tour of the city by the bay through the eyes of histories top filmakers with my exclusive list of the top movies filmed in San Francisco.

Nonfiction Books About San Francisco
The top historical, geological and cultural books on the city of San Francisco.

San Francisco Merchandise
From travel guides and maps to movies and novels, check out my selection of must-have San Francisco items.

Summer in San Francisco
Summertime is High Season in San Francisco! Make sure you are prepared.

When to Visit San Francisco
Want to know when the best time to visit San Francisco is? Use my handy guide to figure out the idiosyncratic weather, the high and low toursit seasons and when the best festivals take place.

Things to do on a Rainy Day in San Francisco
Don't let a rainy day in San Francisco ruin your trip, use it an an excuse to see all the indoor sights and local attractions that you might have missed otherwise.

Things to do on a Sunny Day in San Francisco
Sunny days in San Francisco are pure magic. Make sure you make the best out of them by using my handy list to the top activities and destinations on a sunny day in San Francisco.

San Francisco on a Budget
Think San Francisco is too expensieve to visit? Think again my friend after you have checked out my exclusive guide to doing the city on the bay on the cheap!

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