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Major Attractions


Major Attractions
  • Best of San Francisco
    Want to see the very best of San Francisco? On this page you’ll find the best things to see and do, places to eat and drink, and best hotels the city has to offer.

  • Top 10 Attractions
    These quintessential San Francisco sites should be at the top of any traveler's list.

  • Top Museums
    Take part in a Japanese Tea ceremony or shake hands with Rodin's Thinker at these top museums.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge
    Even veteran San Franciscans are wowed by the site of the Golden Gate Bridge and the majestic scenery around it.

  • San Francisco Fog
    Visitors are often confounded by San Francisco fog. Here's what to expect during the city's foggy, misty season.

  • San Francisco Views
    San Francisco is a city of extraordinary views made all the more dramatic by its waterfront setting and hilltop vantage points.

  • San Francisco Parks
    Whether you are seeking open space, great views, a picnic spot, or an afternoon hike, you'll find it in one of San Francisco's gorgeous green spaces.

  • San Francisco Neighborhoods
    From Japantown to the Mission, San Francisco's unique neighborhoods are as culturally distinct as they are diverse.

  • Things to do Near Moscone Convention Center
    Need to grab lunch, a drink, or just chill out near Moscone? Here are the top ten picks for passing time near the convention center.

  • The Hills of San Francisco
    San Francisco has at least 43 named hills, but only seven of them are original. Here is an overview.

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