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San Francisco in the Summer

It's SF's foggy season, but also a great time to catch a fabulous free concert


San Francisco in the Summer
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The first thing to know about traveling to San Francisco during the summer is that you can leave the shorts at home. SF summers are on the cooler side (and sometimes damp) due to seasonal fog. It's great walking weather, but don't expect to be dining alfresco in the evenings.

Unlike New York and many European cities, San Francisco doesn't empty out at this time of year. Life carries on as usual in the summer, and it's rare to find a store or restaurant closed for vacation.

Summer in San Francisco is prime time for free performances, concerts, and events around town.

SF weather is chilly; hotel rates are at their highest during summer and holidays.

San Francisco Summer Weather:
San Francisco does not experience typical warm summer weather. At this time of year, the city's famous fog rolls in mornings and evenings. Expect a misty chill in the early and later parts of the day; often sunshine prevails in between but temperatures rarely exceed the high Sixties. Sweaters and light jackets are a must.

Average High Temperature: 68
Average Low Temperature: 54
Average Rainy Days: .9

What to Pack:
San Francisco is a casual city, so dressy clothing isn't usually necessary. The city's temperate climate yields mild weather year-round, but temperatures can be both warmer and cooler than expected. Whenever you travel to SF, be sure to dress (and pack) in layers as temperatures vary throughout the day and evening and from neighborhood to neighborhood. Good walking shoes are essential.
  • Fleece or sweater
  • T-shirts or jerseys
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking shoes
  • Long pants
  • Light jacket for evening
  • Day pack/bag
Things to do in San Francisco in the Summer:

SF Summer Events:

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