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Shopping in San Francisco

From big-box stores to funky local fashion and eccentric boutiques, San Francisco offers plenty to bring out the shopoholic in you.

Best San Francisco Gift Stores

San Francisco Shopping Districts
Use this neighborhood-by-neighborhood guide to get a sense of each area's distinct retail flair.

Shopping in Union Square
Shopping in Union Square, San Francisco

Best Eco Shopping in San Francisco
Looking for something organic, recycled, all-natural or sustainable? Chances are you’ll find it at one of these eco boutique

Best Candy Stores in San Francisco
Toffees, brittles, licorice and caramels are just a few of the tantalizing sweets sold at these fabulous candy shops.

San Francisco Shopping Centers
Some of the city's best stores are located within these convenient shopping centers.

Best Bookstores
Top picks for independent and specialty bookstores

Top Gourmet Chocolate Shops
San Franciscans savor fine chocolate like fine wine. Here's a guide to the city's top artisan chocolate stores.

Best Affordable Gift Shops
Find something for your friends back home without breaking the bank.

City Lights Books: A San Francisco Icon
City Lights Books was the first publisher of paperback books in the United States and launched the literary movement known as the "Beat Generation". This bookstore was the gathering place and headquarters of North Beach's bohemian poets, writers, dreamers and dropouts during the 1960s and it was here that the first counter-cultural movement in...

Bookstores of San Francisco
San Franciscans are known as some of the best read and well educated people in the United States, and when you check out the city's independent neighborhood bookstores you will see why. From used rare poetry to fabulous coffee table art books, San Francisco's bookstores offer up never-ending pleasure for traveling bibliophiles.

Book Review: Coit Tower San Francisco - It's History and Art
Learn about San Francisco's most iconic landmark and its controversial history in this book by Masha Zakhiem, the daughter of one of the muralists that painted the inside of Coit Tower.

Exploring Westfield Shopping Centre
Catch a movie, a meal and more shopping than you can shake a mastercard at in the historic shopping complex that once housed the flagship Emporium Capwell's.

The Embarcadero Center
Covering more than four square blocks, the Embarcadero Center is both an architectural masterpiece and a shopppers dream come true. Come check out the restaurants, speciality shops and hidden art of downtown's largest shopping complex.

Exploring the Crocker Galleria
Located right in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the Crocker Galleria offers three stories of shops, restaurants, cafes and even a farmers market.

The Stonestown Galleria: A Mall for the Masses
Lookiing for a real mall in San Francsico? You are going to have to escape downtown my friend and head out the residential south for Stonestown Galleria.

Shopping Centers in San Francisco
Need to hit the mall in San Francisco? No problem, the city by the bay is fully stocked with shopping centers - some are even architectural masterpieces worth checking out for their uniqueness even if you arent looking to buy anything.

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