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In and Around San Francisco

San Francisco is a compact city of neighborhoods, each with its own compelling attractions. Use this guide to find out what's where and how to get around town.

San Francisco Neighborhoods

The San Francisco Outdoors Guide
Feel like doing something active in the city by the bay? San Francisco has got you covered with acres of parks, miles of beaches, hills to climb, neighborhoods to explore and trails to hike!

San Francisco is for Lovers
From waterfront dining to awe inspiring viewpoints, San Francisco offers couples a chance to slip away from the ordinary and into the romantic world of America's most beautiful city. Here is our list of the top romance inspiring activities and destinations in the city of San Francisco.

San Francisco Beaches
From nude beaches to family-friendly stretches of Pacific surf, San Francisco and the surrounding area offers multiple option for visitors looking to spend a day on the sand.

Major Architectural Landmarks
From Victorians to Greek Palaces, 800 foot Pyramids to stark modernity, San Francisco is an architectural playland.

Art Museums in San Francisco
From the Museum of Modern Art to the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Asian Art Museum to the Contemporary Jewish Art Museum, San Francisco is an art lovers paradise. Check out our pick of the top art museums in San Francisco.

Guide to Public Transportation
An overview of San Francisco public transportation

Muni Metro Map
Here's how to get from point A to point b on MUNI

Map of Downtown
Find your way around the streets of downtown San Francisco.

Citywide and Regional Map
See San Francisco in context.

Top San Francisco Hostels
Check out our exclusive guide to the best hostels in San Francisco including the legendary Green Tortoise, the elegant Adelaide hostel and the HI Hostel right on the bay. Save money and meet new friends by staying in a backpacker hostel in San Francisco.

City Hall: The Majestic Crown of the City
San Francisco's City Hall is an important architectural landmark, a two block long Beaux Arts monument to the City Beautiful movement and the fifth largest dome in the world. Come explore this awe-inspiring building, which is actually taller than then the nation's capital and every bit as regal.

The Hippies of San Francisco
The Hippie movement emmerged out of San Francisco in the 1960s and took the nation by storm. Young and old dropped out of mainstream society and joined this moevement that emphasized music, love and freedom as well as a strong dose of ant-war sentiment.

San Francisco Walking Tours
San Francisco was made for walking. It's many compact neighborhoods, architectural treasures, and open green spaces lend themselves easily to being explored on foot. Check out our list of the best walking tours in the city, many of them free, and join in on the fun.

Tours From San Francisco
San Francisco is the natural base for exploring many Northern California attractions including Yosemite, the wine country, Muir woods and both Monterrey and Carmel on the coast. Most tours pick you up and drop you off right at your San Francisco Hotel.

San Francisco Tours
There is so much to see in San Francisco it is often much wiser to take a guided tour of the city to cover as much ground as possible. From walking tours to bay cruises, culinary tours to trips to the redwoods, there are endless tour possibilities in and around the city of San Francisco.

North Beach Photos
The most charming neighborhood in the United State, North Beach is part Italy, part bohemian paradise and part sin city. Check out my North Beach photos and learn about what makes this San Francisco neighborhood so famous.

The Fillmore District
The Fillmore Jazz Preservation District is a fascinating mix of art galleries, fine dining and family run restaurants and the top live jazz music clubs in the nation.

San Francisco's Main Library
Located in the Civic Center, San Francisco's Main Library is both a treasure trove of information and an architectural masterpiece.

The Best Places for a Picnic in San Francisco
Grab a gourmet lunch to go and enjoy outdoor dining in one of San Francisco's many parks and green spaces.

A Perfect Day in North Beach
Cafes, parks, bookstores, Italian restaurants, strip clubs, historic look outs and more await you in the dynamic neighborhood of North Beach, the closest you can come to being in Europe without hopping across the Atlantic

Diego Rivera Murals in San Francisco
San Francisco is home to three distinct murals by Mexico's most famous painter, Diego Rivera. Learn where the Rivera murals are and how to visit them.

The Benny Bufano Sculptures of San Francisco
Italian born but San Franciscan by choice, Benny Bufano is the creator of many of the most prominent outdoor scupltures in San Francisco. From the giant sized Sun Yet San in Chinatown to the psychedelic St. Francis at City College, Bufano's sculptures add artistic texture to the city at every corner.

The Top Viewpoints in San Francisco
A city of hills and surrounded by natural splendor, San Francisco is bursting with awesome places to catch amazing views. Check out my list of the top viewpoints in the city by the bay.

Buena Vista Park: An Urban Oasis
Some of the best views of the city are to be had at Buena Vista park in the Haight-Ashbury, the oldest official park in the city of San Francisco.

Exploring Russian Hill
Explore San Francisco's most charming hidden neighborhood, home of the crookedest street in the world, hidden garden walks and the most picture perfect art institution in the United States.

The San Francisco Ballet
Founded in 1933, the San Francisco Ballet is the oldest ballet company in the USA. Come check out a performance on your next trip to the city by the bay.

The San Francisco Opera

Exploring Valencia Street
Vintage shopping, Mexican eats, cool cafes and hip lounges all await you on Valencia Street, quite possibly the most bohemian avenue in the entire city of San Francisco.

Esta Noche: A Night of Diversion
Check out the Friday drag show at San Francisco's landmark latin flavored transexual disco, a Mission District institution

Yoga Classes in San Francisco
Get your stretch on at one of dozens of top notch yoga studios in San Francisco. In fact, no other city in the world offers as many different yoga classes as the city by the bay so bring your mat, your towel and your water bottle and be prepared to work it out.

Exploring Pacific Heights
From Victorian Mansions to hilltop parks with views over the waterfront, Pacific Heights is an upscale neighborhood that offers the opportunity to soak up real SF charm. Stay in a local Bed and Breakfast to get the best of the experience.

SoMa - Home to Tech Gurus and Large Nightclubs

Valentines Day 2014 in San Francisco
Spend Valentines Day 2014 in a city made for lovers, from the waterfront pillowfight to the wine walk in the Marina District, there are tons of romantic activities in the city by the bay this year.

South Park - An Oasis of Cool
Have lunch in the grass at SoMa's hippest greenspace, South Park.

Discover the Tenderloin
Get some real Indian curry, volunteer serving the poor, drink in a dive bar and otherwise slum your way through San Francisco's grittiest neighborhood.

Riding the BART
A high speed urban train, Bart is the fastest way to get to the east bay, BART also goes to SFO, the hip Mission District and more than 40 other destinations all over the Bay Area.

Riding the Muni Metro
San Francisco's light rail and city-wide subway system is easy to master, as there are only six lines - each hooking up with buses, BART and other systems of transportation across the city

Riding the Ferry in San Francisco
Ride the ferry to Sausalito, Oakland or wild Angel Island. Travelling on water is the most enjoyable way to explore the bay area......

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