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Best Burgers in San Francisco


Looking for the best burgers in San Francisco? Check out these top local spots for a burger you won’t soon forget.

1. Burgermeister

The recipient of numerous “best burger in San Francisco” awards from local publications, Burgermeister uses high-quality natural beef from Niman Ranch. The generous half-pound burgers are grilled to order and served with a range of toppings. Try the delicious milkshakes, too.

Address: 138 Church St.
Phone: 415-437-2874

2. Zuni Cafe

Courtesy Zuni Cafe

Zuni is one of the city’s most beloved restaurants. The bustling café is known for some classic signature dishes, including a memorable all-natural burger served on a grilled foccaccia bun with house-made pickles. The shoestring fries and Caesar salad are out of this world.

Address: 1658 Market Street
Phone: 415-552-2522
Full Review: Zuni Cafe


3. Chez Maman

Half the fun of eating a hamburger at the tiny Chez Maman is watching it cook on the grill from the counter as you sip a drink. Burgers are outsized, and served on a grilled roll with your choice of cheese, bacon, or—as in France—with a fried egg on top.

Address: 1453 18th Street
Phone: 415-824-7166
Website: Chez Maman

4. Taylor's Refresher

This retro diner–style cafeteria is a crowd pleaser at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, where diners can sit outside or in the sleek all-white restaurant. The all-natural hamburgers are served with lettuce, pickles, and secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. Taylor’s also makes classy salads, amazing onion rings, and superrich milkshakes.

Address: Ferry Building Marketplace (Market and Embarcadero Streets)
Phone: 866-328-3663

5. Campton Place

This fancy little bar in the lobby of the Campton Place Hotel serves the most elegant burger in town complete with your own miniature jar of ketchup. Each juicy burger is grilled to order and served with a toasted bun to soak up the juices.

Address: 340 Stockton Street
Phone: 415-995-5555

6. Magnolia Gastropub

Jennifer Yin

Artisan beers are the draw at this upscale pub outfitted with dark wood booths and tile floors. Among other more creative dishes, the kitchen also serves a classic burger made with all-natural beef from Prather Ranch.

Address: 1398 Haight Street
Phone: 415-864-7468

7. Mega Mouth Burgers and Beers

This little hamburger joint in the Mission has received a number of “best burger in San Francisco” accolades from local publications. Burgers are served with various breads and spreads; coleslaw, baked beans, or fries come alongside.

Address: 3392 24th Street
Phone: 415-821-4821

8. The Slow Club

Courtesy The Slow Club

This favorite neighborhood restaurant is dark and bustling in the evenings, when the cool back bar is in full swing. You can have your hamburger with fries or salad; wash it down with a beer or glass of wine.

Address: 2501 Mariposa Street
Phone: 415-241-9390
Full Review: Slow Club

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