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Culinary Tours of San Francisco

Let Your Inner Foodie Loose on Your Next Trip to San Francisco


From the traditional kitchens of Chinatown to the creative California fusion cuisine pumping out of the Mission districts newest eateries, San Francisco takes food to a level unmatched on the west coast. Although dining is a rewarding adventure, those that want to really dig into the city's dynamic food scene should consider taking a culinary tour and let an expert take you straight to San Francisco's finest and most cutting-edge offerings.

1. Wiz Wok Chinatown Culinary Tours

Photo by Ocean Malandra
These daily tours take visitors into the heart of Chinatown's eclectic food scene. Visit local markets, where residents and restaurants buy fresh produce, fish and meat daily. Then check out local tea-houses and herb shops before having a dim sum lunch at a historic Chinatown restaurant. All tour guides speak fluent Cantonese as well as English allowing them to access local hidden gems usually missed by visitors.
(650) 355-9657 www.wizwok.com

2. Edible Excursions

Image Courtesy of Edible Excursions
Edible Excursions lead walking tours designed to bring visitors deep into San Francisco artisan food scene. Tours of the famous Ferry Building Marketplace highlight high-quality hand-made California products like cheeses, olive oils and breads while the Japantown tours explores hidden markets and tucked away restaurants. The company also offer two different tours of the Mission District, home to San Francisco's most diverse food scene: one that focuses on the area's many Latin eateries and one that explores its hip young fusion scene.
(415)806-5970 www.ediblexcursions.net

3. Avital Culinary Tours

Image Courtesy of Avital Tours
Created by San Francisco native and professional sommelier Avital Ungar, Avital tours is a small company that focuses on the hottest trends in San Francisco cuisine. The North Beach food and wine tasting tour takes guests to five of the top restaurants in the city's most romantic neighborhood, meeting chefs and tasting their finest offerings on the way. Avital also offers a Mission district culinary tour as well as a Union Square area cocktail tasting tour, which samples the concoctions of downtown's swankiest lounges.
(415) 355-4044 www.avitaltours

4. Chris Milano's Foodie Adventures

Image Courtesy of Foodie Adventures
These walking food tours focus on the down home ethnic foods of three of San Francisco's most interesting neighborhoods: North Beach, the Mission and Chinatown. Tours visit family owned traditional eateries, markets and delis in each area and include personal meetings with chefs, cooks and owners. The special Chinese-Italian night food tour combo is a global tour de force that only covers only a few square blocks.

5. Gourmet Walks Culinary Tours

Image Courtesy of Gourmet Walks
Gourmet Walks focuses on off-the-beaten-path culinary destinations, which means they bring visitors right into the pumping heart of San Francisco's local neighborhood restaurant scene. The Gourmet San Francisco Tour explores trendy Hayes Valley, which is bastion of high-end yet locals-only independent restaurants despite its central location just west of the Civic Center. Gourmet Walks also offers several chocolate tours, which visit the city's own artisan choclatiers and sample, sample, sample their yummy wares.
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