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The Bottom Line

One of the top restaurants in town, Nopa serves fabulous rustic dishes in a casual, light-filled dining room.


  • Fabulous rustic cooking
  • Good selection of wines by the glass
  • Beautiful dining room
  • Friendly staff


  • Reservations can be difficult to come by on weekends
  • Bar can be noisy


  • Address: 560 Divisadero Street
  • Phone: 415-864-8643
  • Website: Nopa

Guide Review - Nopa

The San Francisco Chronicle named Nopa one of the top ten restaurants in San Francisco and the restaurant continues to shine today. Having a meal here is like going to a big dinner party. A large communal table, always full, anchors the capacious, light-filled dining room and the long bar is perpetually packed. The wait staff is chatty and informally dressed yet exceptionally professional. And while your host at a dinner party could potentially burn the beef, no detail is overlooked at Nopa.

Nopa has the sort of menu that supports grazing. You could easily pair a thin-crust pizza with an appetizer, small plate, or salad. Entrees are flavorful and hearty; on a recent visit, country pork ribs with harissa sauce and a sort of deconstructed pasta carbonara were delicious. And you have to love a restaurant that lets diners choose between a grass-fed hamburger and braised rabbit legs for dinner.

Graze or gorge, saving room for dessert is a must. The menu achieves a nice balance between seasonal dishes like stone fruit galette with chevre ice cream and the pure indulgence of warm dark chocolate cookies with almond milk. Whichever you choose, it’s difficult to go wrong at Nopa.
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