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Best Places to Stay in San Francisco

How to find the right hotel for your next SF trip


Best Places to Stay in San Francisco
Looking for the best place to stay in San Francisco? The answer will depend on what part of town you'd like to be in, whether you prefer a large, service-oriented hotel or a small, charming one, and what your budget is. Here are a few tips to help you decide where to stay on your next SF trip.

Choose a Neighborhood
San Francisco has a plethora of large, service oriented hotels that offer niceties like a restaurant and bar, gym, parking, and a business center. Most of these lodgings are located around Union Square and the Moscone Convention Center. It's a convenient location to stay in, with plenty of public transportation, restaurants, theaters, and shopping. However, just slightly further a field you'll find more charming offbeat lodgings that offer value and style but may not be fully loaded with conveniences. Browse around to find one that's right for you. Choose a Hotel Style
Hotels in San Francisco range from small or budget options to full-service luxury lodgings, with just about everything in between. You may want to stay in a hip boutique hotel with its own swanky bar or a family-friendly hotel near the beach with a swimming pool. Determine your Budget
Room rates in San Francisco range from $100 a night for a small room and shared bath to $1,000 for a luxury penthouse. In general, hotels downtown and around Union Square are competitively priced; shop around for the best deal.
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